Gold Work
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Gold Work

  • Gold work for the profession
  • Gold work for the patient
  • This is how they are made
  • Your dentist may recommend a Gold restoration........

Gold Work for the profession

Gold has the instant feel and look of quality, we try to enhance this superb material with fine craftsmanship for our metal ceramic substrates, post cores, Implant substructures and, of course, beautiful gold crowns.

We us alloys from Nobil Metal, cast with the latest computer controlled casting machine technologies from Heraus-Kultzer. Fit and function are the most important aspects of doing top quality gold work, this is our daily obsession.

Gold Work for the patient

  • Full coverage gold crowns remain a very popular choice for molar teeth as the aesthetic considerations are normally less important than comfort and longevity. Gold has fantastic qualities as a restorative material, it's relatively soft and therefore kind to the opposing teeth, and will never break or fail.
  • In the lower arch, the gold will show more than in the upper arch, so if you are concerned about the appearance being tooth coloured, a porcelain crown may be better here, but in the upper arch this is a great 'safe' restoration that will stand the test of time.


InfoYour dentist may recommend a gold crown because:

  • You may have a history of breaking cusps from natural teeth or fracturing porcelain crowns, this would indicate that you may have a heavy bite.
  • A gold crown takes up less room than porcelain crowns, the size of the tooth to be restored may favour this option.
  • The failure rate of full gold crowns is negligible.

The points made here are generalisations. Teeth and mouths are extremely complex systems which your dentist is in the best position to assess. If you are unhappy with what your dentist has recommended, ask them if there is an alternative treatment and what the compromises may be if an alternative is persuade.

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