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All Ceramic Zirconia

  • All ceramic for the profession
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  • All ceramic for the patient
  • This is how they differ from metal ceramic
  • Your dentist may recommend all ceramic because........

Zirconia for the profession

Whether you want a anterior or posterior crown or bridge we have a system that will provide the best all ceramic restoration for your patients.

We offer the very best in Zirconium restorations, we offer a choice of 3 different materials, each with great posibillities.

The Lava system from 3M is a well proven material offering fantastic fit and strength. We use the Lava design system so that we can design our own frameworks to optimise the support for the Creation porcelain.

If you would like further information on Lava Zirconia please click on the link for our document on Lava Zirconia Scientific Facts »

Ice zirconia from ZirkonZahn is a very similar material to Lava except that the colouring system allows for 16 Vita shades and we can produce frames up to full arch. These frames are veneered with Creation porcelain.

Further information on Ice Zirconia Ice brochure

Prettau zirconia from ZirkonZahn is a revolutionary material desined to be used for monolithic restorations as well as veneer or partially veneered designs.

Prettau Zr gives us so many possibilities for creating very strong and esthetic restorations without using metals and avoiding the possibility of chipping of the ceramic in functional zones.

Further information on Prettau zirconia  Prettau brochure

All ceramic for the patient

The Lava all ceramic restorations have a core material that is semi translucent, this creates far fewer problems for the ceramic layer that covers them than would be the case for a metal ceramic crown.

All ceramic cores offer a variety of strengths and thickness, this will influence the choice of material for a particular tooth. All are extremely bio-compatible and when bonded to the tooth have outstanding aesthetics.

Dentine bonded crowns and pressed crowns have no core material giving them the best potential for aesthetic restorations.

  • Lava (zirconium) restorations are quite expensive at the moment but as with all technologies, the price for the CAD/CAM and milling will fall. The cores are very strong but the veneering ceramic is not as strong as those used for metal ceramic.
  • Pressed ceramic and Dentine bonded crowns have a similar strength to natural enamel and their success depends on the quality of the bond achieved between the crown and underlying tooth. They have no core material so they have the best possibility of giving a greater aesthetic result.


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InfoYour dentist may recommend an all ceramic crown because:

  • You are allergic to some metals or are concerned about biocompatability.
  • You are having a front tooth made and you want the best aesthetics possible.
  • You currently have no metal restorations. Some patients experience a galvanic reaction between metal and saliva acids which can cause localised damage the gums.

The points made here are generalisations. Teeth and mouths are extremely complex systems which your dentist is in the best position to assess. If you are unhappy with what your dentist has recommended, ask them if there is an alternative treatment and what the compromises may be if an alternative is persuade.

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